How to incorporate protein into your diet

Amino Acids, which is what makes up a protein, are the main structure blocks of muscles, organs, and glands. Making sure you consume enough protein in your diet helps to feed and maintain your muscles as well as help your body form cells and make new bones. That being said, there’s no doubt that it plays a vital part in your eating life. But occasionally you can get “fed up” with its consumption. One further bite of chicken breast and you might just start squawking!

Fortunately, the existence of protein supplements provides a fast, easy, and tasty way to contribute to your daily eating habits.

The following are three tips to help you incorporate protein into your eating lifestyle:

  1. Include whey to your diet. It’s derived from milk and separated during the cheese making process. Whey powder comes in all flavors including the all time favorites, chocolate and vanilla. When it comes to breakfast, whey is a lifesaver. You can choose to blend a whey shake with ice and water or incorporate the whey powder directly into your breakfast option. I usually mix a scoop of whey powder directly into my cooked oatmeal or dry cereal. One scoop of whey powder provides up to 23 grams of protein. I also love ready-to-drink whey shakes because of my morning. If whey doesn’t agree with your digestion you can check out the many non-whey options. Just make sure they have a full amino acid profile. 
  2. Look at food that can be cooked ahead of time. Things like hard boiled eggs, low fat dairy, low sodium jerky are all great options. Pack these items ahead of time so you are ready to go for the week.
  3. Pack a bar. A protein bar is another great way to pack in your protein. They’re so accessible. You can just throw them in your gym bag or bag and save them for later.. Make sure the bar you choose is low in sugar and sodium! Many “health bars” are full of junk! 

Eating a healthy, well- balanced diet is essential for good health, and having plenty of protein is essential for muscle growth and development. Try some of these tips to get more protein each day!